Our five year forecasts of Scotland’s devolved tax revenue and social security expenditure are published twice a year to accompany the Scottish Government’s Budget cycle.

Latest forecast

Scotland’s Economic and Fiscal Forecasts February 2020

This page will be updated on 6 February 2020 to include forthcoming Scotland’s Economic and Fiscal Forecasts. These are part of the Commission’s main forecast publication series and provide new five year economic, tax and social security forecasts, and accompany publication of the Scottish Government’s Budget for 2020-21.

Non Domestic Rates (Scotland) Bill – Supplementary Costings – December 2019

You can find our December 2019 supplementary costings here.

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May 2019

You can find our May 2019 forecasts here.

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December 2018

You can find our December 2018 forecasts here.

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Other publications

You can find our Forecast Evaluation Reports, Occasional Papers and Statements of Data Needs here.

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